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The Freedom Group

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Welcome to The Freedom Group
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The Freedom Group has been organized to provide comprehensive and extended training in the Security Industry and for Civilian Personal Defense.

We realize that the every industry needs effectively trained security officers with a greater knowledge of their responsibilities and duties, so they can become a more valuable asset to the customers they work for and the companies they represent.

Ask about our "FastTrac" Training. We here at The Freedom Group understand times are tough. In an effort to give our students a more efficient use of their time and money, we have developed a special training course that does comply with all the minimum standards of the Texas Dept of Public Safety's training requirements for Security Officers. This specially designed course will allow a student to obtain, within one week, Certificates in Training for Level 2 Non-Commission (unarmed), Level 3 Commissioned (armed), Level 4 Personal Protection Officer (PPO/Bodyguard), Self Defense Aerosol Spray (OC/Pepper Spray), Basic Handcuffing Techniques, Expandable Baton and Texas Concealed Handgun License.

Individually, each of these course would cost over $700.00 and require the student to attend almost 100 hours of classroom training. Our FastTrac course provides this training for as little as $250.00-$335.00 and 50-55 hours of classroom training, depending on the students needs. This is a savings of over $400.00!!!!!

Private training classes for groups or individuals are always available upon request.